Capital Projects

  • At New Mexico State University, major capital projects are those that are large or complex in scope.
  • Facilities and Services Project Development and Engineering is responsible for the initiation, coordination, management and completion of all major capital projects for all locations within the NMSU system.
  • Fiscal responsibility and funding can come from various sources, including federal funding, state appropriations, auxiliary funding and private donations.
  • The first step in designing a major capital project is identifying the programmatic needs of the project, which involves determining which departments will be using the building, what needs must be met, where the building will be located, the timeline for design and construction, and the budget of the project.
  • The design process includes developing a “road map” for the project based on the program of needs. This process can include the development of conceptual drawings, architectural drawings, bid documents and project manuals. Most major capital projects include an RFP (Request for Proposal) for design services by an outside architectural firm, and a separate RFP handled through the NMSU Procurement department for awarding of the construction contract.
  • For the actual construction phase of the project, Facilities and Services Project Development and Engineering is responsible for oversight of the construction, making sure all work is done in accordance with the construction documents and that the project remains on schedule, approving all contract payments, implementing change orders, and all other construction management tasks.
  • If your administrative area has an anticipated capital project and would like further information on this process, please email us at