Campus Planning Committee Function and Structure

The Campus Planning Committee (CPC) is established by the President as an advisory group that represents the NMSU campus community to review proposed projects that impact the visual appearance of the campus. The CPC also hears appeals to the Wayfinding/Signage policy (9.60). For purposes of Campus Planning actions taken under this charge, the term “review” refers to presentation and discussion of items that do not require a vote. The term “approve” is used in relation to action items requiring a vote by the Campus Planning Committee in order to achieve a recommendation to the President. The committee meets monthly during the academic year (September through April) on the first Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m., usually in the Facilities and Services large conference room.

The voting membership includes one representative from each college and one from the Library; one representative designated by each Vice President and one designated by the President’s Office; one member of the staff (elected by the NMSU Employee Council); one faculty member elected by the Faculty Senate; two student representatives recommended for appointment by the President of ASNMSU to serve a one year term; one member from the Athletic Department; and one member from Special Events.

Ex-officio members of the committee include a representative of the City of Las Cruces (recommended by the Mayor for appointment by the President) and a representative of Dona Ana County (recommended by the County Manager for appointment by the President).

This committee shall be chaired by the University Architect and Campus Planning Officer and administrative support provided by Facilities and Services. The Chair of the Campus Planning Committee also serves on the Naming Committee. Consecutive terms of service are permitted only for those members seated by virtue of their position.

Members designated by Deans, seated in September and serving two year term (consecutive terms not permitted): 

College of ACES (even numbered years)

College of Arts and Sciences (odd numbered years)

College of Business (even numbered years)

Doña Ana Community College (odd numbered years)

College of Engineering (even numbered years)

College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation (odd numbered years)

Library (odd numbered years)

Members serving one year terms (consecutive terms not permitted):
2 students, one undergraduate and one graduate (appointed by the President at the recommendation of the ASNMSU President, term begins in September)

Members serving two year terms (consecutive terms not permitted):
Faculty Senate (elected by Faculty Senate to begin in September of odd numbered years)

Members serving three year terms (consecutive terms not permitted):
NMSU Employee Council (elected by Employee Council to begin in September in accordance with their bylaws)

Members seated by virtue of their position:

University Architect (Chair)

Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance (or designee)

Executive Director of Project Development and Engineering (or designee)

OFS Sustainability Manager

Vice President and Presidential representatives (or designates)

Director of Special Events and Facilities Management (or designee)

Athletic Director (or designee)

Director, EHS

Non-Voting Resource Personnel (These are position appointments):

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance

Senior Vice President for External Relations and Chief of Staff

Assistant Director (for Design), FS

Assistant Vice President, FS

Office of Space Management

Assistant Vice President Auxiliary Services

Chief of Police

Las Cruces City Council representative (appointed by the President after recommendation by the Mayor of Las Cruces)

Doña Ana County representative (appointed by the President after recommendation by the County Manager)


Our mission is to:

Efficiently provide a safe, well maintained and environmentally sustainable university community.