Summer Hearings – Annual Capital Outlay Projects for Fiscal Year 2024

2022 Severance Tax Bond top priority for each Five Year Facilities Plan by campus



Scoring per Measures (per Project Evaluation Form)

B. Project Rationale and Need (Up to 100 points)

B1 – Promotion of enrollment growth, retention, and degree production

B2 – Impact on education and workforce needs in local and regional economies

B3 – Alignment with institutional mission and advancement of the institution’s strategic plan

B4 – Facilities assessment for determining project need

B5- Supports online education


C. Energy and Sustainability, Green Screen for Buildings (Up to 45 points)

C1 – Energy Assessment or Audit

C2 – Operational (Energy/Utility) Cost Reduction

C3 – Support of Executive Order 2019 – 003


D. Stewardship (Up to 80 points)

D1 – Preparation of Project Estimates

D2 – FCI or NAV (deferred maintenance) reduction

D3 – Use of Building Repair and Renewal (BRR)

D4 – Maintenance Cost Reduction

D5 – Health, Safety, and security issues (including ADA)


Total Possible Points (225)


Information needed for Project Evaluation Form to respond to the measure and maximize points, and minimum information required for submittal.

A. Background information

  • Site Plan of campus, district or area
  • Building Space Plan (if applicable)
  • Conceptual architectural drawings, diagrams and photographs
  • Facilities Assessment, component assessment or detailed assessment (Roof, drainage plan, etc.)
  • Facilities Master Plan
  • Reduction to GHG emissions
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation practices:
    • Clean electricity and grid modernization
    • Sustainable infrastructure and planning
    • Decarbonization o Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Project Estimate method for developing, breakdown and costs with Green Screen/Energy initiatives
  • Approximate restoration cost by percent of building replacement cost
  • BRR process to determine the percentage of I&G used for BRR and planning process
  • Detailed overall operations and maintenance (BRR) budget including:
    • Less staff for cleaning because a different floor material being installed
  • Fewer employees changing light bulbs due to LED retrofit o More staff needed due to added square footage
  • Formal Plans (such as Cameras, Door Locks, and Fire Alarm upgrades)
  • Fire Protection and Fire Life Safety System Assessment
  • Justification for any measure to support or challenge, as needed for maximum points

2021- Summary of Summer Hearing Project Information

2022- Summary of Summer Hearing Project Information